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    About Us

    By visiting this site, you have come across a distinctly unique bloom in the midst of average online floral companies. Our passion for flowers goes beyond just the price and petal. Our goal is to enhance your lifestyle and home with the power of fresh flowers!

    We consider ourselves to be India’s first and the only “true” online flower delivery company. We think that our major competitors are only order aggregation websites with very little ecommerce component to their business. By leveraging the unique and patented packaging system developed in the United States of America by our parent company, we can offer a true ecommerce solution where we can ship from a single location and can provide true economies of scale.

    KaBloom.in sincerely believes that the splendor of fresh-cut flowers should not only be for rare special occasions, but for the everyday occasion called life. Through superior quality, irresistible prices, amazing service, and unmatched shopping convenience, KaBloom enables you to brighten your day, your home, your life with the stunning beauty of a KaBloom floral inspiration!

    KaBloom.in is India’s take on KaBloom. com, who is not only passionate about fresh flowers as an art form, but has perfected this art form. One of the biggest problems plaguing the fresh flower industry in India is the challenge of quickly shipping fresh flowers to their destination without sacrificing the health and life of the flowers. Most florists ship flowers overnight in a type of foam that prevents evaporation but at the same time pulls liquid out of the stems of the flowers.

    In contrast, KaBloom.in flowers are shipped in water and arrive at their destination address within 96 hours of being harvested. This is all thanks to KaBloom.in's commitment to keeping flowers in the best health until delivery, which is made possible with their proprietary technology in the form of the Moses Miracle.

    At first glance, the Moses Miracle looks like a water balloon stuck to the bottom stems of any KaBloom.in bouquet. In fact, it's quite a bit more. This machine uses compressed air to power its operation. At the press of a button, all flowers shipped from KaBloom.in are well hydrated throughout the delivery process. As a bonus, it doesn't matter if the box with the flowers gets put upside-down or even turned on its side - the flowers are sure to stay in good condition thanks to their steady supply of water.

    Take advantage of the KaBloom.in difference and see for yourself how healthy their fresh flowers are. You're bound to be impressed!


    Complete Service is as Easy as a Click or Call Away

    Ever notice that the simplest bouquet can light up a room with effortless beauty? At KaBloom.in, we make receiving or giving that unique beauty just as effortless. You can place your order at our secure online store, www.KaBloom.inanytime of day, any day of the week. For even greater shopping convenience, www.KaBloom.in plans to fulfill all your floral needs – for hotels, weddings, business functions, special programs, and more.

    Quality and Selection Beyond Compare

    More than just premium florals, every KaBloom.inbouquet is a creation of genuine passion and tender care. We travel the world over in search of rich flower fields, seeking to bring you the vast, unusual variety of plants and flowers that make KaBloom.ina truly distinctive place to shop. And because our flowers are received direct from our fields, our blooms are significantly fresher, the quality is distinctly higher, and the prices are unmistakably lower. To complement your KaBloom.infloral creation, we also offer a wide selection of exceptional décor and gift items.
    At KaBloom.in– we make buying fresh flowers a beautiful experience!